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When breathing 93% PURIFIED supplemental Oxygen from a ChillVille Oxygen Bar(known as Oxygen-enriched air, OEA), you are giving your body a chance to increase your total Oxygen saturation in your bloodstream to the optimum levels for better health, stamina, disease prevention and metabolic processes.

The effects of the O2 are further enhanced by the aromatherapies ChillVille equipment infuses into the OEA. Our custom Aroma infusors are carefully calibrated and utilize a turbo design to maximize Oxygen and aroma delivery to the user. For more information on aromatherapies and our ever-changing aroma menu, click on Owe-Two-Eat-Two (or O2E2 as we call him) on the left.

 Oxygen holds the power to:
· Relieve headaches, hangovers and migraines
· Improve memory, concentration, alertness
· Strengthen your heart
· Burn fat from increased oxygen levels
· Oxygenate blood / improves circulation
· Improve Sexual Performance
· Increase your energy level
· Remove Free Radicals and fights cancer
· Relieve pain in legs and feet from walking
· Invigorate every cell in your body
· Provide relief from apnea and asthma
· Enhance body's wound healing ability
· Enhance body's ability to fight infections
· Deactivate toxins and poisons
· Act as an Anti-Inflammatory
· Kill anaerobic viruses, bacteria and fungi


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Remember, ChillVille specializes in relaxation entertainment and makes no specific medical claims about the services and products we provide. We only provide this generally well-known information about the benefits of Supplemental Oxygen to the body.
There's lots of good stuff to say about O2!

Remember, you can live 3 weeks without food,
3 days without water, but you can't live 3 minutes without OXYGEN!

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