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ChillVille will bring our Equipment to your place of business and let you try it for only ONE WEEK in our "Test the O2 Waters" special. If it works for you, we can set up a month-to-month lease for a fraction of the cost of purchasing equipment.


We are proud to introduce the only Oxygen Bar leasing program of its kind. Available ONLY IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, ChillVille's Spa-Select Program offers a short term, low cost way for spas, beauty salons, gyms, tanning salons, medical offices and other small businesses to reap the profits and get in on the buzz O2 bars generate.

Click on the Quick Quote molecule above and we'll send a comprehensive pricing package. This is only offered to Southern California businesses at this time!

Now's your chance to get in on the Oxygen profits and fun!

It's simple: everything BUT the bar. You can choose from our electronic or manual Oxygen aroma infusors (left and right above) and an Airsep Onyx Oxygen Generator (left) that can produce 95% purified Oxygen. These two components plus 2 feet of your counter space = New Profit Center in your business!

Low Cost and No Risk!

ChillVille provides its services and products for recreational relaxation purposes and makes no medical claims.

What do you get?

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